Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

In 2054, six months after joining the United States Marine Corps, Private Jack Mitchell and his best friend, Private Will Irons, were deployed on their combat mission to Seoul, South Korea, in an attempt to repel a large-scale invasion by North Korean forces. Assigned to Badger Squadron with colleagues Marine Sergeant Cormack and Private Jackson, the detachment entered Seoul but was derailed by North Korean air defenses. The Badger Squad manages to regroup with friendly forces and is tasked with assisting a demolition team with the overall goal of destroying an enemy aircraft launcher. Along the way, they encountered the Atlas rescue team led by elite Agent Gideon, who informed the Badger Squad of an enemy presence in the next area before continuing. Pvt. Jackson then commented on Will’s relationship with Atlas CEO Jonathan Irons and asked why Will never joined,  later saying he wanted to serve his country instead of his father.

  After fighting in the besieged city, the Badger Squad finds the Protest Team that has been killed by the North Koreans and decides to continue their mission. Covered by Cormack and Jackson, Will and Mitchell make their way to the mobile launcher and manage to carry out the demolition mission, although Will’s arm is broken by a shutter and cannot escape. Not wanting them both to die, Will sacrifices himself and throws Mitchell from the Rising Launcher,  killed in the ensuing explosion. Mitchell lost his left arm to shrapnel that left him open but was saved by Sergeant Cormack, who promised to bring Mitchell home. The mission was successful because the United States was able to repel the North Korean attack, but at a very high cost: 6,000 Marines were killed.

 Returning to the United States, Mitchell was fired from the Marines due to an injury and later attended Will’s funeral, where Cormack delivered a eulogy for the courage of his Marine comrades. After paying tribute to their fallen comrade, Cormack assured Mitchell he would support Mitchell through this ordeal until they were interrupted by Jonathan Irons. As Cormack expressed his sympathies to the grieving Irons, the latter offered Mitchell a position at Atlas, claiming that Will had told him about his great soldier and that he deserved it. fight for an army as effective as he is. Mitchell accepted and received a “second chance” in the form of a high-tech prosthetic arm. Mitchell then underwent training at Camp David, an Atlas facility in Virginia, to adapt to his new arm. In a simulation where they had to rescue the  President of the United States from a house occupied by terrorists, Mitchell and soldier Atlas  Joker almost succeeded until Mitchell malfunctioned in his new arm and was killed. defeated by Gideon, who shot the Fake President and commented on Mitchell’s Attack. sloppy performance. 

 Irons then arrives to receive a report on Mitchell’s new roster, to which Gideon replies, “He’s on his way, sir.” Irons remains optimistic about Mitchell, informing Gideon that Mitchell is a good soldier despite his failures in Korea. Irons then invited Mitchell on a tour of the facility, helping Mitchell better understand Atlas’s success and how it became an independent superpower. Irons then dropped Mitchell and Gideon into the R&D lab to recalibrate Mitchell’s arm. After getting his arm repaired, Mitchell was taken to both the shooting range and grenade class to have his arm recalibrated, meeting his colleague Ilona on the shooting range, where she would comment. about Mitchell’s shot if he beats his score. Mitchell is then taken back to the simulator, where he, Gideon, and Joker manage to successfully complete the simulation and are congratulated by Irons, who informs Mitchell that he’s ready for one. an actual number of jobs.

 Three months later, Mitchell takes on his first assignment with Atlas, to rescue the  Prime Minister of Nigeria, Samuel Abidoyo, from the KVA, a major anti-Western and anti-technological terrorist organization. The president and several other technologists were held hostage at a tech summit in Lagos, where the head of the KVA, code-named Hades, executed one of the hostages to assert control. his situation. Aided by Nigerian Army Captain Ajani, the team succeeded in rescuing the hostages but quickly discovered that the KVA was not targeting the President but a technologist who was attending the conference. They pursue the fleeing KVA vehicles and capture the technologist, who is brought back to Atlas Headquarters on Irons’ orders. Back at the residence, Mitchell, Gideon, and Joker celebrate their successful run until they are interrupted by Irons, who offers to toast them on a job well done. Informing his agents that this mission presented Atlas with great opportunities, Irons congratulated his men in honor of their service.

  Soon after, the KVA launched a large-scale surprise attack on nuclear power plants around the world. Mitchell,  with a massive rapid response force from Atlas, is sent to recapture a power plant in Seattle, Washington. After successfully reaching the control room, Gideon attempted to master the reactor’s levels, but it was too late as the reactor was near critical. Gideon refused to leave until ordered by Atlas Command, which ordered all forces to evacuate the area. Although their team member Carter was killed, Mitchell, Joker, and Gideon managed to escape, but the reactor suffered a serious problem and caused the facility to collapse. Soon, more and more nuclear power plants around the world were in danger, with 50,000 people dying from KVA attacks.

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