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During my recent hour-long guided hands-on demo of the MFS action Mafia 3 game, what struck me most was the game’s overwhelming reliability. The fictional city of New Bordeaux (modeled after 1960s New Orleans) and its larger-than-life characters are free from the unnecessary white space typical of large open-world games, with every square inch serving a purpose. It felt alive when I held it. This extreme attention to detail and focused gameplay could make his Mfsaction Mafia 3 game a hit during this busy fall season. I was guided through his MFS action Mafia 3 game demo by veteran game designer Haden Blackman. Haden Blackman is best known for his long stint at Lucas Arts, where he did project management on both Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games. In 2014, he founded 2K’s newest game development studio, Hangar 13, and began working on the MFS action Mafia 3 game. 2K Czech, the makers of the first two Mafia games, are working closely with Blackman and his team to support the project. Blackman first points out that previous Mafia games have been set in the early, often glorified golden age of organized crime, but in Mfs’ action game, Mafia 3, he moves the clock forward to 1968. This was the period in American history when the influence and power of the Mafia began to gain traction. Waste away. You play the role of Lincoln Clay, who is discharged from the Vietnam War, lives a hard life on the streets, returns to New Bordeaux, and joins the black mafia. However, the Italian mafia, led by crime boss Sal Marciano, stabs Clay’s family to death, but Clay escapes alive and now seeks revenge. Fighting fire with fire, Clay decides to form his mob, district by district, with the specific goal of weakening Marciano’s grip on the city. To help him, Clay hires three subordinate bosses, all of whom harbor personal vendettas against Marciano. Vito Scarlet, who Mafia fans will know from the previous film, and Thomas Burke, a boisterous Irishman who was once loyal to Marciano but is now loyal to him. He wants to see destroyed, and Cassandra, the Haitian mafia leader who has been trying to gain a foothold in the city for months. Crime teams appear in various forms throughout the game. You can always call a gun dealer to load up on different weapons, stock up on ammunition, or stock up on Molotov cocktails. If you need a ride, you can use our valet service to have your car delivered to your doorstep. If you need even more firepower, the Irish She Mafia will be happy to send in a squad of his minions to provide fire support or distract the enemy while you advance further.

  • Game Details
Release Date: 2016

Game Type: action, adventure

Language :English, Russian

  • Requirement
Operating system: Windows  7, 8, 10 or iOS
Processor: Core i5 or Ryzen 5
Ram : 2GB
Graphics : 4GB
Hard Drive : 50Gb

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